About Ocean and Beyond

Ocean and Beyond was created in 2020 to allow anyone to explore the deep realms of the ocean…and beyond. We dive deep into ocean-related topics such as sealife, exploration of the sea, rivers, areas geographical importance, sailing, and more.

There’s probably more history now preserved underwater than in all the museums of the world combined. And there’s no law governing that history. It’s finders keepers

Robert Ballard, Ocean Researcher and Discoverer of the Titanic Wreck

Supporting Free Education

At Ocean and Beyond, we believe that education should be free for all, no matter where you live, your upbringing, your career prospects, race, gender, and wealth. That is why we will always make sure our content is free for the world to enjoy.

In line with this mantra is Site Whale. An organization of websites that believe what we believe and vouch to:

  • Never put up a pay-wall of any kind for any of the content on this site
  • Continue to contribute new and exciting content in each of their respective niches
  • Use funds raised by the website to contribute to a meaningful charity related to the website

Such websites, part of the Educationly group, include:

  • Poem Analysis – a database of poetry analysis, poet information, and literature terms
  • Book Analysis – a database of book analysis, summaries reviews, and information about authors

At Ocean and Beyond, we want to give back what we can to make the world a better place. That is why we donate £50 ($65) a month to Charities that remove pollution and encourage life in the sea. It is through visiting Ocean and Beyond and the adverts on the site that this is possible, so thank you for helping us help the world.